Pozible Workshop: Crowdfunding

Pozible is a popular crowdfunding platform that unites project-makers with the community in order to raise funds, realise dreams, and even change the world! Everyday, as hundreds of initiatives get off the ground because of their Pozible campaigns, the formula proves that our strength and ability to succeed lies in a united community.

Luckily for those in Melbourne, Pozible will be holding a Crowdfunding ‘How To’ workshop at their Collingwood Headquarters on September 8. Covering everything from campaign tips to how to choose the rewards offered for donations, the workshop will offer valuable advice on how to start and run a successful campaign. The evening will also look at project planning and structure, an important aspect of achieving the desired result for your campaign.

Speakers for this session include The Fabric Social members Megan Schipp and Amruta Pendharkar, who last June raised over $18 000 to develop an app which allows conflict-affected women to sell their handcrafted apparel directly to the international market.

To attend, register to be in Collingwood or watch via Ustream


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