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Liberation Arts Network is a community of performing and visual artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, producers, designers, teachers, and more who have dedicated their time and talent to creating or supporting positive change. This may be through fundraising for a charitable cause, inciting action and discourse, and/or reaching out to educate the wider public.


Our site will focus on the people behind the action; their drive, idea development, and inspirations, as well as the work itself. This may extend to include those who offer philanthropic support or help of some kind for these types of projects regardless of their personal artistic inclination!

We hope you will find a place here in which to:

discuss your projects, events, and products;

bounce questions and ideas off each other;

find projects you’d like to get involved with or like-minded people you’d like to have on your team;

see what people are talking about and focusing on;

uncover a gap somewhere that you think you could fill;

get to know some faces and groups involved in these activities so you can see you’re not alone in your efforts;

instigate discussion or throw an idea out there to fellow community members;

and, find out what’s happening and give your support by going along to events and participating in activities.


We feel that making a visual map of this work and forming tangible links among all the great people involved means we may eradicate feelings of powerlessness, realize a new kind of solidarity, and forge a stronger pathway towards the best future we can create.






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