True Philanthropy: Govind Pillai’s journey of social change through art

Govind Pillai is an accomplished classical Indian dancer living in Melbourne. One of only few male performers of Bharathanatyam in Australia, Govind is noted by reviewers as keenly adept at his chosen style and is well regarded by his peers and students. His presence in the arts is growing fast. He performs at various local and international festivals and events, recently worked with internationally acclaimed contemporary dancer/choreographer Annalousie Paul, and currently sits on the board of The National Theatre (St Kilda).

Yet Govind’s reputation reaches beyond dancer and teacher to one who uses art for cultural integration, social wellbeing, and philanthropy. He has built a not-for-profit dance company, called Karma Dance Inc., which promotes social harmony to a wide audience and donates performance profits to charity. Now, he is also developing an affiliated teaching academy and in-school program so he can share these philosophies with the next generation.

Business Volunteers for Arts Projects

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